A guide into buying the right players on Football Index

Hi, thought I’d take the time to write a guide about Football Index. I hope it can help many new users who are joining the site and may also help some of the regular traders.

So let’s start, first of all if you’ve just joined the site then I advise for you to start with a small stake to get use to how it works and can help build your confidence over time. I started with £100 the first couple of weeks before slowly increasing the amount of money into the site.

Who should you buy?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is, what players should I purchase on the site? Well let me give you a guide into how the site works and which players are the best purchases on the index. So the index uses the buzz system, which I’m sure you are familiar with. I’d say the buzz system determines a players value by 80%.The other 20% could be down to players performances. 

Let’s take a look at the leading buzz winners since the beggining of this season.

1st Ibra – 18 buzz wins

2nd Rooney – 16 Buzz wins

3rd Pogba 14 Buzz wins

4th Sanchez 12 Buzz wins

5th Costa 8 Buzz wins

These 5 players with the most buzz wins also sit in the top 5 spots in the Index, once again highlighting the importance of the buzz and how it can drive demand for players value.

I’m not saying that by simply putting the majority of your investment is the best way to go but it is a clear indication that the buzz plays a big part in players values.

Performance value

Now to look at performance based value, which I’d say equates for around 20% of a players value.

Hazard 6th 

Kane 11th

Aguero 13th

Coutinho 8th

Alli 14th

All these players have seen a lot of good form over this season and has seen their prices rise. But if you compare the prices of these players to the buzz players, there’s a huge difference in value and demand. Which shows the 80/20 split in the demand for these type of players.


I hope this helps with deciding which route to go for, at the end of the day it is a matter of opinion and that’s what makes Football Index unique but I hope this can help new users when deciding who to purchase 


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