A guide for begginers – Buzz magnets

This guide will help begginers determine which players to chose for their portfolio when first joining the site. I hope it shines some light on the buzz system and how it works.

So many of you already know, the buzz is an award giving to the players most talked about each day. So who should I chose to win the buzz?

I’m going to take a look at a few possible options you as a trader can go down.

Premiership footballers

Focus on the premiership footballers. Football Index is an English based site and uses English Media to determine the winner of the buzzes. The majority of buzz winners over the next year will be from the premiership. 


Another option are strikers. Strikers score the goals therefore they are always making the headlines and collecting them buzz wins. Even better pick strikers from the premiership who you know are going to score plenty of goals this season and you can’t really go wrong. 

English Footballers

Once again, due to the site using English media the English players will always seem to get the most attention as our media love to big up our English players. Further on in the year are the World Cup qualifiers and I’m sure the English players will be in the news a lot once again when these games come around.

The players the media love talking about

You know those players that just can’t seem to get away from the media attention? The Ibra’s, pogbas, Costas and Wilshires. These type of players will always be in the news. They always end up doing something to be in the news, whether that be smoking on holiday or getting a crazy new haircut. They can almost collect buzz wins for doing nothing. 

I hope this can help you as a new starter to pick a few futures that can win you plenty of buzz wins in the new season! 

Good luck!


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