The Paul Pogba saga coming to an end?

So it’s been confirmed today that Paul Pogba will be having a medical at Manchester United. The long awaited return of Pogba is finally happening. Many Football Index players have enjoyed he endless amount of buzz wins throughout July and Agust and have made some serious money.

How has the news effected his price on the Index? Well many of you have seen that his price has taken a big hit today! Some people could be confused as to why he would reduce in price even though he could be on his way to the premiership.

Firstly, the fact that the saga could be over means he will not win the buzz every night for starters. Secondly, many players look for short term profit rather than looking at the long term (Nothing wrong with that).

So what am I doing with my Pogba futures? Well I knew the drop was going to come when the saga ended, so I was waiting for it.  But I still think he could win numerous buzz wins this week when he officially signs. And will also win plenty of buzzes throughout the season as he’ll have a lot attention on him. I’m definitely playing it long term as I reckon he could be a buzz magnet throughout the season.


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