Time to change your portfolio?

So the Euros have finish and many users on Football Index now have the decision whether to stick or twist with their futures. Many of the popular Euro players, Griezmann, Ronaldo and Payet have seen their future price drop since the Euros have ended. 

Now it may be time to switch up that portfolio. The new season is only a few weeks away and there’s no better time to start building up new players in time for when it starts. 

Who should you buy?

I’m going to take a look at a few players who I believe could be good potential purchase in the upcoming season.

Ibrahimovic – Although his price may be high, don’t let this put you off. The media love talking about him and he will win plenty of buzz wins over the season and his price will continue to increase.

Pogba – currently a risky purchase as the move may not go ahead but if he does move to MUFC then his price will skyrocket and you will pick up plenty of buzz wins throughout the season.

Kane/Vardy – Both English strikers and love to score. The media love talking about them and with both of them in the champions league should attract a lot of attention.

Hazard – An absolute bargain on Football Index I believe. Only £1.11! Although last season he wasn’t at his best a new manager may see his fortune turn around and could be the stand out player this season.

Rashford – Only 88P on Football Index. There are question marks over how much game time he will get but if he does play the media love talking about him and his price will only rise.

Iwobi – Only burst onto the scene at the end of last season and made a great impression. Very cheap on the Index at 53P and his price could only rise over the season.

Iheanacho – This lad has bags of potential. As with Rashford there are question marks over how much he’ll play but at his current price of 43P if he improves then this price will surely rise over the course of next season.

The Premiership route

The Premiership players seem to get a lot more attention on Football Index with it being an English site which is why I tend to go down this route..

Hope this helps with players you can purchase ready for the new season!


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