Buying and Selling on Football Index – For beginners

Football Index has revolutionised gambling and combined people’s passion for football with a real life stock market. This is a guide for beginners who have just joined Football Index and still learning the ropes.

Getting started

Ok, so you’ve just made an account and you’re thinking what the hell do I do and how on earth do I make money? Ok so first all make a deposit into the Index depending how much money you can afford. I’d say start low for a week just get to get use to how it works. I played with £100 for the first month and built up my portfolio over time.  

So who should I buy? 

Well there are many routes to go down when buying a player, the first and most obvious route is pick good well known players, your Rooneys, Ronaldos, Messi etc. These players will always be around the top of the index and their price will not fluctuate much. I’d say these type of players could be quite safe purchase and good for a long term investment. Another option is to look for players you may think are undervalued, can you see anyone who you think they’re good but seem so cheap compared to people above them… These sort of players are useful to have in your portfolio as they have a potential room for growth.

Another method of picking players, and the route I have personally chosen is the buzz route, for those that do not know how the buzz works, it is a daily award for the player who is the most talked about in the day. Currently players such as Pogba and Ibrahimovic are winning so many buzz awards and this has seen a massive increase on thier prices over the last few weeks. Look for the players you think or know the newspapers love talking about, obviously Football Index is an English site so Premiership and English players are also talked about a lot.

So there you have 3 type of players you can purchase to help build up your portfolio.

The art of selling

The most common issue on Football Index is the selling process, a lot of people complain it takes too long. That’s why they have instant sell, I’d say avoid using instant sell unless you really need the money. The commission taking off is sometimes very steep and you could potentially lose a lot of money by doing this. So you need to master when is the right time to sell a player. It’s very difficult for me to say how exactly but this is my best advice. Think ahead, do you own a player who is about to play in a big cup final and his price is increasing but as soon as the final is over the future becomes slightly pointless?. For example at this moment in time I’ll look at Griezman, he’s the golden boot leader in the Euros and the final is in 2 days, his price is at an all time high right now. But after the final is there going to be much point in having him? He’s got a new contract at Atletico and the media will stop talking about him, resulting in his price dropping after the big game and in the coming weeks.So put the player up for sale when you think he’s reached his peak. 

Another example is with summer signings, transfer talk has played a big part on a players price. When the transfer talk ends the price sometimes drop. Try be quick and sell just before you know the transfer spec is about to stop. Get ahead of the sell queue and sell at a profit before the decrease.

Good luck

I hope this helps any new starters on Football Index. I’ll be giving more tips in the future.

Reading this and still haven’t joined Football Index, sign up here > Register now


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