Football Index

Football Index is an online stockmarket where you trade football players for real money. Use your passion and knowledge for football to win real money.

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Football INDEX gives you an active stake in the ever changing world of football like never before. Where traditional sports betting is short lived and event based, Football INDEX offers an on-going bet on the value of the world’s top footballers


In a world’s first, you will build a portfolio of your favourite footballers, earn dividends and get the opportunity to sell at a profit. Football INDEX isn’t fantasy football, it’s TheFootball Stockmarket where you’ll trade with real cash.


Your knowledge of the beautiful game could be the key to your football fortune. No one can reliably predict the outcome of a single match, but you’ll have a pretty good idea of who is going to be the next Reus, Rooney or Ronaldo.
How does it work?

Each player has their own value which as an investor you can purchase for, you can as many futures in the player as you wish. For example say Rooney is worth £1.50 and you bought 100 futures in this player. If Rooneys value was to rise to 10p you could earn yourself £10.
There are also other ways to win money from daily buzz awards where you can earn dividend from a player every time they’re the most talked about player in that day.
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